Transformation in the Cloud: Driving Enterprise Growth Across Asia Pacific

Transformation in the Cloud: Driving Enterprise Growth Across Asia Pacific

Cloud today is about total business transformation. In India, the conversation has started to shift from
the cost-cutting benefits of the cloud to its more revolutionary outcomes. As businesses are beginning to realize, the right approach to cloud adoption can boost organizational resilience, unlock productivity, generate predictive insights, and power innovation.

Cloud momentum is building across Asia Pacific and is especially remarkable in India. Covid-19 has also opened our eyes to how interconnected our economies and workforces are, further accelerating the adoption of cloud across a spectrum of enterprise applications. For businesses, the cloud is key to building companies that can adapt and grow in today’s volatile world.

“The main question on the minds of business leaders is not whether to move to the cloud anymore, but when and how. Many embrace digital solutions and are looking for holistic solutions to business challenges but remain concerned about costs and need guidance on mitigating risks and carrying out a seamless cloud migration,” says Vinita Rai, SAP India. There’s also the question about cloud security, and hesitation to initiate the large-scale change needed to stretch the cloud’s full potential.

Successful cloud adopters can attest to the all-hands- on-deck mentality needed for cloud adoption. Yogesh Patel, chief financial officer of Mahindra Logistics, puts it aptly: “While on the surface transformation may seem like an IT upgrade, the non-tech element is far more important, and it takes full commitment and involvement at all levels of the organization.” You’ll see that the effort was worth it; with close alignment of IT strategy and business goals on top of enterprise-wide engagement, Mahindra Logistics came out a more agile and future- proof organization.

There is no universal approach to cloud transformation, but there are best practices that every aspiring cloud mover can strive toward. We’ve sponsored research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to gather the stories of successful cloud adopters across Asia Pacific to examine how they’ve leveraged the cloud for growth. We invite you to read this report and take these principles as a North Star on your own journey to becoming a cloud-enabled, thriving organization.





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