IDC: How Midsize Companies Can Engage Customers More Meaningfully

Turn Your Customer Experience into Your Winning Edge

The ability to keep up with changing customer expectations across every touch point has never been more important than it is today. According to IDC, midsize companies that accomplish this task well, especially in digital channels, have a distinct competitive advantage.

Explore the latest insights and recommendation from IDC that can help you deliver a customer experience that drives growth. The Info Snapshot, “Business Reimagined: Delighting Customers in the Digital World,” sponsored by SAP, shares:

  • The importance of personalization
  • How incremental strategies make the customer experience better
  • Which modern applications should be considered

Business Reimagined: Delighting Customers in the Digital World

Why Customer Experience Is Even More Important in the Next Normal

The pandemic forced massive, rapid changes in customer behavior — away from brick-and-mortar stores and toward digital channels — requiring a pivot to an agile digital engagement strategy. Providing a hyper-personalized customer experience across every interaction point offers a strategic advantage for growing businesses as they strive to serve the customer’s needs.

Why It Matters

Midsize businesses are now more focused on certain aspects of customer experience due to the pandemic, according to IDC’s research. Before COVID, organizations focused on marketing — customer acquisition for the sake of growth. Today, they see improving brand awareness, expanding reach, and augmenting customer acquisition processes as crucial to growing the business and adapting to new operating norms. Midsize businesses describing themselves as “thriving” focus more on the customer experience than their peers.




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