Seafood distributor casts its global net wider with an automated

Before:  Lack of business  insight  and efficiency

•A multi generational  family  owned  business since 1978, KST has grown  to  have  over  1000 staff and 2  factories  distributing  seafood  to 30 wholesalers  across Thailand  as well  as Japan,  Korea,  China  and Italy

• Having  used  a 14 year old  enterprise  resource  planning  (ERP) system  with  manual  processes,  the business needed  to upgrade  to a modern  platform  to  help drive  their  local  and  global  expansion  plans

•Manual  spreadsheets,  poor  reporting,  lack  of integration  between  departments  and  no local  technology support  made  budgeting,  planning,  quality  control  and logistics  slow,  inefficient  and  prone  to errors


Why SAP  and NEXUS

• SAP Business  One integrated  core  platforms  including  financials,  procurement,  logistics,  sales,  inventory

and  material  resource  planning  (MRP), and is accepted  for use by the Thai Revenue  Department

• KST partnered  with NEXUS as they  are  an  SAP Gold  Partner  and  SAP Business One specialist,  with proven  results over  21 years,  winning  several  awards  for their  SAP installations


After: Equipped  for profitable  expansion

• The biggest  benefit  is the  integration  and  automation  of all  their  systems  from orders  right through  to delivery  and payments.  KST is now  equipped  to increase  its product  range,  add more  wholesalers  and expand  into  the local  retail  market.

•Management  can get  a complete  picture  of the financial  position  at any  time,  and  realtime  reports  on orders,  inventory  or by customers  help  them  make  better  decisions

• NEXUS came  highly  recommended  to KST by by  trusted  colleagues.  Their implementation  was fast, and with strong  local  support  the business  is in good  hands.



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