Cosmetics business integrates finance, distribution and manufacturing, and uses realtime management dashboards, to reduce costs by 30%.

With a successful track record of growth and success since 1993, Comets Intertrade is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic, makeup and personal care products across Thailand and abroad. Award winning Thai entrepreneur, Founder and CEO Salisa Piboonswasdi embarked on an ambitious digital transformation project to gain full insight and control over the business with an end to end management platform powered by SAP Business ByDesign

Digital makeover gives cosmetics company beautiful cost control and business insights with SAP Business ByDesign


Before:  Complex  systems add cost and slow  growth

  • After 25+ years of growth and  expansion,  Comets  Intertrade had  outgrown  its technology  platform,

which was outdated,  complex  and  not  integrated  across  manufacturing,  trading  and finance

  • Slow, manual reporting  was  making  it hard  for management  to track  performance  and make  informed decisions  across multiple  departments  and 30+ locations  nationally
  • Lack of real time data  made  accurate  production  planning  difficult, leading  to over  and under  supplies which increased  inventory  costs and  slowed  customer  deliveries


Why SAP  and ISS Consulting  (Thailand)

  • SAP Business ByDesign offers end-to-end  financial,  inventory,  logistics,  warehousing  and

manufacturing, in a platform that’s fast and affordable to implement with proven results in Thailand

  • SAP Global and Platinum Partner  ISS Consulting was the ideal  partner  as they  are  experts  in using

SAP Business  ByDesign to streamline  businesses,  backed  by  10+ years  of success and awards



After: Realtime  insights  and longterm  business  platform

  • W ith financial and operational  systems  all  digitised  and automated,  the business  has seen  a 30%

reduction  in expenses  across  the business since the  implementation

  • Efficient software plus full accountability means  teams  are  working  smarter  and faster
  • With the right tools to do their  job,  staff are  happier,  more  motivated  and  more  efficient
  • Reporting dashboards enable  sales managers  to track  sales,  process  orders  and  check inventory  in real  time,  and  executives  can also  monitor  results at  a glance
  • The system was designed and implemented  in just 4 months



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